Top Сonspiracy Theories About the Causes of the Explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

“The real cause of the Chernobyl disaster was revealed”, “Chernobyl: what really happened” and “Five facts that were hidden from us”. The headlines of dubious sites are full of revelations and "truthful" versions of what actually caused the explosion of the fourth reactor.


The fact is that while scientists around the world are studying archives, conducting investigations and looking for evidence in an attempt to figure out what exactly caused the explosion, the “storytellers” have long been ahead of them. In their stories, they explain in detail the causes of the accident that any science fiction writer would envy.


The list of fabulous versions, based rather on the conjectures of the authors, includes a micro-earthquake and UFO intrigues. The first theory is based on the idea that the shock the locals felt was before, not after, the explosion and was the catalyst for the disaster. The main arguments in favor of this theory are the previous hum, which the fishermen allegedly heard and the finding of a tectonic fault under the nuclear power plant.


Fans of the second idea - the intrigues of UFOs - were divided into two parts: some believe that the flying object caused the explosion, while others say that thanks to the "floating ball in the sky" it was possible to avoid a real nuclear explosion and the associated consequences. c


And how can you do without evil Americans in conspiracy theories? One of the fabulous theories of the explosion, of course, is the CIA sabotage. Supporters of this point of view say that an ideal Soviet nuclear power plant could not explode without outside efforts, for example, a foreign agent. In favor of this version was an American satellite that took a picture after the accident, which supposedly could not just be over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


The favorite theory of many truth seekers is associated with the Duga radar station. She is known by the nickname "Russian woodpecker" because of the characteristic sound made when working. Initially, "Duga" was created to detect ballistic missiles and was supplied to the authors of this version by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It is not known exactly why the explosion occurred: either the USSR went too far during the tests of its device, or “Duga” influenced the cables of the distribution network of the fourth reactor.


The list, of course, does not end there. Real conspiracy theorists do not hesitate to blame Cthulhu for the explosion, the curse of the Chernobyl rabbi Borukhom Tverskoy, and everyone who had any relation to this territory.

Café Pripyat

It is known that in 1977 the builders celebrated here the launch of the first power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Tourism in the Chernobyl Zone

The first familiarisation visits to the Chernobyl zone were carried out as early as the mid 90's.


One of the most conspicuous attractions of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the Red Forest, i.e. 200 square kilometers of pine trees near the NPP....


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