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*Offers don’t add up

Only adults 18+


Discounts are only valid for One Day Group Tour


1. «Let’s be friends»

We really want to make friends with you and your friends and give a 5% discount for any tour!

You just need to do 3 simple steps:

  • — Go to our Facebook page
  • — Subscribe to our updates
  • — Share any post on your page

You will get a promo code that you can use for booking one-day group tour on our website!


2. «Birthday offer»

If your birthday is in this month, we suggest taking advantage of this!

Send us an email with the subject “Birthday offer” and receive a promotional code to get a free dosimeter for the entire day!


3. Student’s offer

Are you a student and want to go on tour to Chernobyl?

Take your classmate, group or even the whole stream with you and get a discount of up to 5%!


4. Big Group discount!

Dear friends, for all gathered groups you will get a great discount:

for groups of 3+ people - 10% discount


5. Early Bird reservation

Book a trip to Chernobyl in advance (more than 1 month before the tour) and get a 10% discount!


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