Certificate for a tour to Chernobyl

Tired of puzzling over the choice of a gift for a loved one or a friend? Not a problem, we have a solution to your dilemma. You can purchase a gift certificate for a trip to one of the most impressive places in Eastern Europe - Chernobyl.


Benefits of the certificate:

- The price of the certificate is the same as on the website

- You can redeem the certificate within 6 months after it's purchase

- Development of an individual certificate design is provided

- The certificate can be for any type of tour listed on the website (one-day / multi-day, group / individual)


The certificate can be delivered with Nova Poshta or can be picked up on Shuliavska Street 5, Kyiv


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La Forêt rousse : les légendes et les incendies

L'une des sites emblématiques de la zone d'exclusion de Tchernobyl est la Forêt Rouge – à peu près de 200 km2 de pins près de la centrale nucléaire...

Tourism and radiation of the Chernobyl Zone

People's interest in the locations of the Chernobyl Zone is comparable only to the fear of radiation exposure. Before going to these abandoned territories, you should figure out how safe such a trip is and how to minimize the effect of radiation on the body.


La flore dans la zone d'exclusion de Tchernobyl

"Il n'y a rien de mal à la planète, c'est l'humanité qui a eu son affaire"...



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