Private tour to Chernobyl

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Our tours are 100% legal,
you will get the official state pass.

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We take care of our guests
and guides health – our route is absolutely safe.

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The most extreme
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As an official partner
we can organize your tour even for tomorrow.

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March 2019

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Options +$0

Chemical Protective Suit $20

The excursion is safe, but you can buy a chemical protective suit as a precaution

Flashlight $5

There is no lighting in the ghost town, so walking with a flashlight is more interesting and safe

Protective shoes $10

The best way to save your shoes from radioactive dust.

Transfer from/to the airport $20

We will meet you at the airport before the tour or take there after the excursion.

Visit the Rassokha Equipment Cemetery $50

A well known forbidden object "Rassokha" - one of the last cementery of radioactive equipment left after the liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident.

Visit Yaniv railway station (Pripyat station) $50

Abandoned railway station situated near to Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant. A lot of trains were left in a hurry when disaster happened
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How much does it cost?

From $79 to $399 per person (depends upon the number of participants).

Excursion plan

We can organize a high quality tour with the highest level of comfort and security any day. Duration 11.5 hours (from 7:45 am to 7:00 pm). Only you will decide what to see and where to go. You can create your own tour route along the most interesting and creepy places of the Exclusion Zone.


  The tour program can be changed due to the length of daylight hours, weather conditions, and directions of the CEZ administration.

 Languages English  Russian  Ukrainian


Meeting time and Meeting point: By request. We will pick you up from your accomodation




Transfer, insurance, lunch, dosimiter, a full package of documents allowing visits to the exclusion zone and personal guide services.


Tours are available only for adults over 18 years old!


Is it safe to visit the Exclusion Zone?

Radiation background is different in different areas of the Exclusion zone - in some places it's near-zero, in others - quite high. That's why we've worked out speial route that is absolutely safe to follow - some places here are even less radiated than in Kiev.

What to wear to the Exclusion Zone?

You don't need any special outfit, footwear or security features. You just need to wear long-sleeved clothes (T-shirts, shorts and slippers are not appropriate).

Do I need any special security features?

Actually, no. But if you doubt, choose options "Chemical Protective Suit"/ "Protective Shoes". It will protect your clothes from dust and make your pics more exotic.

Do I need a dosimeter?

No, you don't. But you can use your devices for radiation measurement or rent one of ours by ticking option "Dosemeter".

What language the excursion is held in?

We provide excursions in English, Russian and Ukrainian. If a group is multilingual the excursion is held in the language most people speak in, the main poits of the excursion are translated into other languages. Anyway nobody will get bored - the Exclusion Zone is full of breathtaking places that are interesting to see and feel.

Can I book the excursion for tomorrow?

Yes. As an official parter we provide tours on a day-to-day basis and we can arrange the excursion even for tomorrow (in group or private).


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