The subtleties of the work of Chernobyl travel agencies

Chernobyl is one of the most popular tourist locations in Ukraine. From all over the world, people of different ages and interests come to see the unique place of the disaster, deserted territory, the open-air museum of the tragedy. However, it will not work to enter here on your own, only through a travel agency with an appropriate license.


The work of these travel agencies is not like an all inclusive booking in Egypt or buying a bus tour around Europe. To enter the zone, each tourist needs to obtain a permit issued by the State Agency of Ukraine for the management of the ChEZ.


In addition to the standard verification of documents in the morning on the day of departure, managers check whether tourists have long-sleeved clothing and closed shoes - otherwise, one cannot pass through the checkpoint at the entrance to the Zone. Those who wish can buy a protective suit or shoe covers on the day of departure, rent a dosimeter, and buy souvenirs.


You will have to treat yourself to alcoholic beverages in another place - in a state of intoxication, the entrance to the zone is closed. Firstly, it may be unsafe, because tourists need to obey the guide unquestioningly, and secondly, the zone, first of all, is the place of the tragedy and such behavior can be regarded as disrespect for the grief of the victims.


In addition to informing those wishing to visit Chernobyl, travel agencies agree with the ChEZ management agency on permissible routes and are looking for competent guides who have permission, are familiar with every corner of the Zone, have passed exams on radiation safety rules and are able to provide first aid.


The work is aimed at making each trip as comfortable and safe as possible, and the impressions of visiting the ChEZ are unforgettable.

The village of Zalesye

In the 2000s, the village of Zalesje was home to an experimental apiary where scientists observed bees and the effects of radiation on these organisms.

Railway station "Yanov"

The station was created long before the construction of Pripyat and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Before the accident in 1986, long-distance trains Moscow-Khmelnitsky and Khmelnitsky-Moscow ran daily through the Yanov station.

Burial ground of equipment "Buryakovka"

All infected equipment was classified according to the level of infection. And therefore, when it entered Buryakivki, it was buried in the soil to a depth in accordance with the state of contamination with radioactive elements.


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