The subtleties of the work of Chernobyl travel agencies

such behavior can be regarded as disrespect for the grief of the victims.

Studies Inside Exclusion Zone Today

The center's workers also study “the transformation of urbanized ecosystems under the influence of accident factors”, in other words, they look at the example of the city of Pripyat as a settlement changes due to radiation pollution due to an accident or a terrorist act.

Exclusion Zone Reservoirs

The total length of Pripyat is 780 km, of which 50 flows through the territory of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: from the village of Dovlyady to the Kyiv Sea.

Work in Chernobyl

Most of the people work directly on the territory of the reactors and near them to eliminate radioactive residues. The other part is maintenance personnel and specialists supporting the operation of the infrastructure

Chernobyl in cinema

It is believed that due to its popularity, HBO's "Chernobyl” was of tremendous importance in shaping the perception of the disaster among viewers from all over the world and even allegedly stimulated tourist interest.

Enterprises of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

In the supposedly deserted Chernobyl zone, in fact, work is constantly in full swing: scientists from all over the world are studying the consequences of the accident. For such work, an appropriate infrastructure is needed.

Cellars and undergrounds of the Chernobyl zone

With basements and dungeons, most have not the most pleasant associations - cold, darkness, soundproofing, Silence of the Lambs (?) - and few people immediately remember their grandmother's cans

Chernobyl in culture

The world-famous disaster could not but find its reflection in mass culture: the history of the Chernobyl exclusion zone attracted the attention of hundreds of photographers, writers, artists and musicians. Each of them experienced the history of the zone in their own way and conveyed it in their own way.


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